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Melamine Glazing Powder-Melamine Glazing Powder-Melamine Moulding Compound from China.

Melamine Glazing Powder

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Melamine Glazing Powder 

Its molecular structure is basically the same as that of water-soluble melamine formaldehyde resin. It belongs to high molecular compound.

The basic production process: melamine, formaldehyde and other auxiliary materials are synthesized and reacted in the reactor, cooled and solidified, planed, dried, ball milled and screened into bright powder.

The products are mainly used for porcelain-like and marble-like table wares to make them looks shinning.

Our annal production capasity : about 6000MTS.

The main types of Melamine Glazing Powder we produce as below:

1. LG 110.

2. LG 220

   the above two types are made from Melamine and Formaldehyde , and LG220 is mainly for making Melamine tablewares.

3.LG 250

4.LG330 ( Water-soluble MF Resin Power ) Mainly used for adhesiven. etc.

5.Melamine Glazing Powder G. It is special made for Flexible Polishing Pads.

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