Melamine moulding compound factory , M.& E.of .melamine moulding compound from china , main for Melamine Tablewares applications .main products: Melamine Powder , Melamine Glazing Powder ,Melamine Resin .

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Melamine molding compound-Melamine moulding Powder-Melamine Moulding Compound from China.

Melamine molding compound

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Melamine moulding powder -Melamine Molding Powder- ,  is made from Pure  Melamine and Formaldehyde.  main applications are for melamine tableware making.

We are a  melamine moulding powder factory , Brand : "Yongda"  We only produce  Melamine A5 , muti-color, Stable Quality, SGS Test accepted. 

Our Melamine Moulding Powder is A5 ,it is 100% pure , Stable  , multi-color available , it  is for melamine tableware factory. It can be made per customers' request.

Quick Details  for  our melamine Moulding powder

CAS No.: 108-78-1      MF: C3N6H6        EINECS No.: 203-615-4

Other Names: Melamine Moulding  Compound , Melamine Moulding Powder , Melamine Moulding Compound Powder, 

Production Site:  Luancheng , Shijiazhuang , Hebei , China.

Purity:  99.8%min , Details specs is available on request.

Appearance: White Color , or Multi-Color Per customers' request.

Application: Making Melamine tableware ,Porcelain-like tableware ,Marble-like tableware.

Packing: in 25kg /500kg/1000kg net bag.

Model NO.A5
Expression of tableware when heatedKeeps the shapes and color under -20 degree centigrade to 140 degree centigrade
PH VALUE7.5-9.5
Highest temperature (For tableware )140ºC
Lowest temperature (For tableware ) -30ºC
Toxicity Non-toxic
Appearance of molded tablewarePorcelain-Linke

Storage: Kept in airy, dry and cool warehouse

Transportation Cautionavoid moisture, heat, dirt and packaging damage.

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