Melamine moulding compound factory , M.& E.of .melamine moulding compound from china , main for Melamine Tablewares applications .main products: Melamine Powder , Melamine Glazing Powder ,Melamine Resin .

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Shijiazhuang Fangyu Synthetic Material Co., Ltd.-Melamine Moulding Compound from China.
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Dingshang Melamine ,sales agent of  , melamine moulding powder factory ,  is a leading manufacturer and exporter of melamine moulding compound from china We have been in this industry about 20 years and now we selling worldwide.

Our Product List :

  1. Semi-finished Melamine Glazing Powder

  2. Melamine Popcorn

  3. Melamine Glazing Powder

  4. Melamine Powder

  5. Melamine formaldehyde Resin

  6. Water Soluble Melamine formaldehyde Resin Powder