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Semi-product of  melamine Glazing Powder-Semi-product of  Melamine Glazing Powder-Melamine Moulding Compound from China.

Semi-product of melamine Glazing Powder

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Semi-Product of  melamine Glazing Powder

Melamine Glazing Powder is melamine-formaldehyde resin which is widely used for melamine tablewares surface glazing , Flexible polishing pads,etc industries. 

it's similar with water-soluble melamine formaldehyde resin in molecular structure. the glazing power is chemical and heat resistance with a strong brightness.

For How to make Melamine tablewares with Melamine Glazing Powder and Melamine Molding Powder , See the Videos later at our Youtube Channel

Packing: in 20kg net bags.

Storage: in dry and cool Place

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